Eric Jeker

New Beginnings

October 19, 2019

Long long time ago, in the year 1999, we bought a domain name with a friends. At that time, the internet was at it’s early stage with not much on it. We decided to call that website as in Wizards of the World Wide Web.

The goal was to discuss about… the internet and to post tips and tricks on how to use it, but we never really published anything and we then lost contact and took different direction in life.


It’s been like years I wanted to create my own blog. Not to become famous because my writing probably sucks badly but just to force me to write my thoughts somewhere.

I am already writing a lot but I don’t publish anything. It’s just for me personally but sometimes I wonder what other people would think about it and if there is any interest in what I say or think. Most probably not.

So let’s see how this experiment goes. And maybe it will just die like the many other things I tried and let fall apart because of lack of interest or time.

Eric Jeker

Written by Eric Jeker.